Top 10 Best Cutting Boards Collection for your Kitchen

Do you love cooking? Well, then the top 10 best cutting boards collections for your kitchen can be of real help to you. You already know how hectic the chopping and cutting can get. You need to invest a lot of time in cutting veggies and proteins as per your requirement. The preparation time delays a lot if you do not have an excellent shaped cutting board! Hence we present you a list of the top 10 best cutting boards collections for your kitchen

For lots of recipes out there, you need precision chopping. You need particular veggies chopped in specific shapes. This will enhance the look of the dish. At the same time, this will change the cooking time as well. So you need to keep a note of which veggie to be cut in which shape. This will ensure that your dish comes out well. 

Top 10 best cutting boards Collection for your kitchen

You are going to love the list we have prepared for sure. The looks of the board also matter. If you like to enhance the look of your kitchen interiors, you need to buy something cool. The list we have prepared contains the top 10 cutting boards that look wonderful and work amazingly.

cutting boards
cutting boards

1. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

You do not have enough time, and your guests are going to come soon. You are running around your kitchen like a fanatic. In such a situation, if your chopping board slips? That’s pretty dangerous. So you need to buy a board that has a good grip. This particular product is of medium size. Hence it is well fitted in several kitchens across the world. 

This product has some grooved edges. You can catch the board with the help of the groove as well, and at the same time, it will hold the juice coming out of the veggies as well. The polypropylene used here keeps the board odor-free. But fluids of vegetables can penetrate the propylene layer. So the user needs to wipe off the board as soon as the cutting is done. The board can be cleaned easily, though, and it can stay long with you. The product made here is one of the most durable ones in the market. 


  • The slip-free side panels are a great highlight.
  • You can clean this cutting board easily and without much fuss.
  • So now, after a robust dish, cleaning becomes effortless. 


  • The design is not attractive for interior designing freaks.


2. Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens – 17×11 American Hardwood Chopping and Carving Countertop Block with Juice Drip Groove

No matter how many colors you want to add to your kitchen, the feeling of best wood cutting boards are going to stay with you forever. The mighty walnut is known to have a sturdy feature, which ensures that it would last long. The cutting board has a separate juice groove. So next time you are chopping a bowlful of tomatoes, your kitchen won’t be a mess! 

This board can be used on both sides. Generally, boards with grooves cannot be used on the other side. But this thick board shows enough durability on both sides that it is easy to be used. It is heavy. Hence you cannot take it somewhere and clean! You better wipe out all the extra juices and leftovers off it. This product is not at all dishwasher safe. This looks amazing. So if you are planning to give something cooking-related to one of your friends, you can go ahead and gift it for sure. If your friend loves cooking, he or she is going to love it for sure!


  • The juice groove with the cutting board makes it more convenient. 
  • The rustic design also comes with no dripping technology. 
  • The thickness keeps it durable for a more extended period. 


  • Proper sanding is required before you start using it.

3. OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

When you are cooking a special dish and need to cut something in between, it is tough to hold the board properly. With oily hands and with the sauces on your palm, you are supposed not to get a good grip. But with OXO excellent grips cutting and carving board, you can get a good hold of the board and can cut your veggies according to your requirement as well. 

The board is covered with the right amount of protecting material. So no matter how many veggies you cut, there will be no odor. With this particular board, you are not going to experience a bad smell at all! The cover material is durable enough and nonporous. So anything you cut on the surface of the board will stay on the surface only. The board is also scratch-resistant. The covering material is pretty good. You do not need to bother about the scratches at all! 


  • Soft and tapered handles are one of the most significant advantages of this sleek design. 
  • Just use it and clean it; this is as simple as that!
  • The scratch-resistant surface ensures a beautiful look for a more extended period. 


  • Not good on wet surfaces. Keep on slipping from slippery surfaces.

4. Prep Series Cutting Boards By Epicurean, 3 Piece Set, Slate

When you cut everything on the same board, the chance of contamination increases, you cannot cut cooked meat, veggies, and raw meat on the same board. When you are late for the office, this is very tough to clean the board over and over again. So this product comes in a set of 3. You do not need to clean the boards again and again. 

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The packaging is recyclable, and the boards are made with wooden extracts, which are also recyclable. So you are not going to add any contamination to nature. The packaging is minimal, and the storage is also easy and minimal. If you have a tiny kitchen, then also you can easily use this particular product and store it without any problem! This board doesn’t have any juice grooves, which is again a drawback of the model. 


  • Three cutting boards can be used for separate purposes. 
  • As it comes to a club of three boards, the chopping time decreases drastically. 
  • This cutting board can sustain up to 350 degrees F. 


  • The design of this cutting board is not sturdy at all.

5. Teak Cutting Board – Rounded Rectangle Chopping Board With Centered Handle (18 x 12 x .75 in.) – By Teakhaus

If you like the pretty face only, this is the perfect board for you. When you are going out buying a chopping board, this thing will grab your eyes for sure. The finish is fantastic, and the wooden feeling this thing is going to give you is simply mind-blowing. It has some teak wood finish across the board that is attractive enough. It is going to give your kitchen a new makeover, and it will also add some zeal to your kitchen. 


But then, the board cannot be used on both sides due to the tampered corners. This is a drawback of the product. The board doesn’t have any juice groove, which is another drawback. But the built-in handle is a good grip for the user. This handle is used to hang the board on the wall; this is also another positive side of using it. 


  • The design is pretty attractive and enhances the beauty of your kitchen, as well. 
  • The smooth finish ensures no flesh of proteins getting stuck on the board. 
  • Large handles are added just to ensure that the user can use it without any problem. 


  • You cannot use the reverse side of the board due to the tampered corners! 

6. Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood End Grain Cutting Board Butcher Block with Groove, 16 x 12 x 1 3/4 in | For Chopping & Serving Cheese | (Gift Box Included) with BONUS e-Book

You need good looks, and at the same time, you need something useful enough. This particular product looks fantastic. The patterned layer on the chopping board makes it a perfect choice for most of the people out there. Along with the looks, this particular product also possesses a lot of qualities. The deep juice grooves are fantastic to work with. You are not going to experience any type of spill off when you are using this particular board. 

No contamination will take place. This is made with acacia wood, which is very sturdy. It will last pretty long, and you are going to enjoy using it for sure. This particular wood has several essential natural oils. It extracts those oils when you start using it. Those oils will keep the board microbe-free and odor-free. You are certainly going to enjoy cooking with this particular product. The board is non-slippery. The firm grip will give the user a comfort ness while working on this chopping board. 


  • Made out of acacia wood, which is famous for its durability and stability over a more extended period. 
  • The non-slip finish is fantastic to work on. 
  • Probably the deepest juice grooves available in this category. 


  • As it is pretty bulky, the cleaning process is callous.

7. Walnut Cutting Board by Mevell, Large Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen, Reversible with Juice Groove,17×11

Revell walnut board looks fantastic and works like a pro. When you are buying a wooden board, you need something that looks amazing. The color of the walnut wood used here is fantastic. On the other hand, this is sturdy enough and lasts pretty long. The juice grooves present on all sides of the board are pretty deep. Any kind of juices coming out of meat, fishes, fruits, and veggies will be stored there. So no messy kitchen after a hectic day at the office! 

You do not need to oil the board before you start using it. The board is pre-seasoned. Once you buy it, you can use it right away. This is that good. This board doesn’t blunt the knives at all. So your hands and your knives both will love this board for sure. A little maintenance can do wonders. This board will stay even longer with a bit of support. 


  • The product comes pre-seasoned and can be used right after you purchase it. 
  • The stylish look attracts a lot of people. 
  • The finishing is so good that it won’t blunt knives at all. 


  • It is not dishwasher safe, so you have to clean it with your hands only.

8. Bamboo 3-Piece Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board Set

If you are a food stylist, you need to chop lots of veggies and other things continually. With a set of 3 boards, you do not need to wash them more often. You can now continue your work, and the separate boards can be used for separate tasks only. Cross-contamination is another problem that most of the users face with a single board. As you have three different boards, you can try using raw meats and fishes on one, veggies, and fruits on another and cooked meat and other prepared materials on the third one! 


  • Sustainable bamboo is the main ingredient of this particular product. 
  • It comes with large handles that are user friendly. 
  • The stylish boards can be cleaned easily without much fuss. 


  • Generally, knives become dull and blunt while used on this board.

9. Progressive PCB-1812 Prep Solutions Cutting Board, Juice Grooves, Large Thick Chopping Board, Dishwasher Safe, Measures 17.38″ X 11.25″

If you want to go for chunks of meat cut and big bulky veggies are needed to be cut, you can easily use this particular board. It has a great and significant place to accommodate all the vegetables and meat. The juice grooves work like magic. We all know how effective they are when it comes to gathering juices coming out of raw veggies, fruits, and meat. There will be no dripping and spill off. Your kitchen will stay clean and not messy at the same time. 

You can easily clean it. Just wipe off with a wet tissue or towel, and you are good to go. But as it is lightweight, you can take it to the sink and wash it thoroughly for an odor-free fantastic cooking experience. 


  • Tough polyethylene is used in making this sturdy product. 
  • The safe dishwasher product can be cleaned and reused easily. 
  • The smart design comes with proper shapes of juice grooves. 


  • This product stains pretty easily.

10. Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats set, Colorful Kitchen Cutting Board Set of 3 Colored Mats

You have been cutting your veggies on wooden boards for years. Now it’s time for you to change the look of your kitchen and add some fresh colors to it. Three boards come as a package here. The colors are bright yellow, cool teal, and bright purple. The boards are made of plastic but are absolutely BPA free. The boards have antimicrobial features that ensure odor-free cutting experience. 

The cross-contamination cannot take place here as different boards will be used for different types of products. If the board is flexible, it can be folded a bit. Hence the veggies and other pieces of products that are on the board can go directly into the bowl. But this also ensures that the board is pretty unstable. Chopping hard veggies is a tough job with this particular product. 

If you are an amateur chef, this can be your go-to cutting board. But this is not recommended for the severe chefs that need to meet a requirement at the end of the day. 


  • The plastic used here is fully BPA free. So your food will not get intoxicated. 
  • The pop-up colors will attract you to your kitchen and will make you experiment with your meal. 
  • The flexibility of the product is fantastic, and you would love to use it. 


  • This product slips a lot. It’s quite inconvenient using it on marble cooktops!

Buying Guide

No matter how good you are, unless these small prep things are correctly done, your food will not pop up! For a beautiful finish and an attractive garnishing, you require veggies cut in different shapes. But with an improper cutting board and knives set, you are not going to get the optimum result. Hence you should know the features that you need to consider while buying a cutting board. The most common factors that you need to consider are:

Common Factors

  • Set of products: If you want to get rid of cross-contamination, this should be your choice. Having more than a single cutting board ensures a lot of work to be done at the same time. It saves a lot of space and in fact goes well with the interior of the kitchen. 


  • Size: You know the space available in your kitchen. Now you have to choose a cutting board that can beautifully fit into your kitchen. On the other hand, if you live alone, a small chopping board is enough. If you live with a bunch of people, a bigger board will be convenient for you. 


  • Juice groove: If you are going to cut a lot of veggies, it is sure that lots of juice will come out of them. Now, if you have a juice groove on all sides, this will make sure that no dripping takes place. The juice groove, however, needed to be deep enough. A shallow juice groove is as essential as colors to a blind person. 


  • Materials: You need to make sure which content you need to have in your kitchen. Some people like modern designs and they boast for plastic products. But most of the people do not want plastic products. Most of these products are not BPA free. So they are not entirely safe for you and your children as well. On the other hand, wooden cutting boards are amazing, and you can use them safely without any problem. 


  • Maintenance: When you are buying a board, reading the user manual comes handy with the product. Some products require special maintenance. You need to know those points and have to ensure that you add those things in your daily practice. 


  • The flat ones: You can use them on both sides. The cutting boards with juice grooves cannot be used on both sides. Using only one hand over and over again will let the team wear off over some time. So you can always go ahead with a flat board. It may not have a juice groove, but it will sustain for a more extended period. 


  • Cleaning: Cleaning cutting boards daily is essential. This will save you from cross-contamination. Some boards are dishwasher safe, and you can put them in the dishwasher for better cleaning experience. But some do not approve dishwasher cleaning. You need to read the manual before to ensure which type of cleaning is required.


  • Stability: Some boards come with significant and sturdy handles to keep the board at a place. The nonsmooth legs in these best cutting boards ensure that the product doesn’t slip while the chopping is done. 



With so many products are there on, you may lose track. You may end up investing in the wrong product. Choose a cutting board that does the job well for which it is prepared, cutting veggies and other essentials. This list of the Top 10 best cutting boards Collection for your kitchen will help you a lot. Buying guides are available with each product to save your time. Now you can buy yourself a beautiful piece of cutting board. 


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