Top 10 Best Air Fryer in Premium Category for Your Kitchen

Do you want to have both yummy and healthy food? Well, then an air fryer can be an option. As we promise to keep ourselves healthy in the coming day’s exercise and green vegetables have become a part of our daily routine. Brussel sprout, lettuce, and healthy salads have become a part of our daily dietary needs. Yet, at times we feel the need to have a cheat day just for a change in a monotonous regime. Those lovely sausages and chips which we crave can shoot up the calorie count. Not to worry, though, there are new kids in town. Air Fryers.

Air fryers help to make your snack. They promise to fry our meals with 80 % less oil, which benefits your pocket and health. But don’t think they just cook sausages. Any food that may call for a few fryings like french fries or chicken wings can be quickly fried in these friers. It also lets you cook vegetables, various side dishes for your menu, beautiful deserts, and much more. But, I know buying the best air fryer is undoubtedly a difficult task given they are new in town, fewer in number, and absurdly costly.

Top 10 Best Air Fryer in the Premium Category

The following are the top 10 best air fryers in the premium category, which we found among the vast pool available in the market as of air fryer, top 10 best air fryer

1. Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer

Are you looking for the holy grail of air fryers? Hands down  This is one of the best air fryers that we have ever tested. Surely you are no stranger to the Philips brand. It has the best TV, electronics, music systems, speakers, and everything electronic that you can think of. Now they are in the market for the best air fryers too. For our project, we picked up one of the best labeled advanced digital turbo star models. If cash is not much of a constraint, then this is it.

Although pricier, you will often find this product in various eCommerce websites on sale at a hugely discounted price. The HD9641 has a very straightforward and easy to use interface. It is a mix of minimalistic design that has one control knob for temperature and time. And it also has five accessible present functions coupled with a huge screen. The product also includes a grease stray, a food basket, both of which can be washed using a dishwasher.


  • The product comes in multiple sizes.
  • It harbors a beautiful minimalistic design along with many functionalities.
  • The screen size is perfect. It has an excellent reputation for cooking food evenly.


  • The product is significantly priced higher than its other rivals.


2. COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Cosori is not the first name that comes to your mind when you are looking for kitchen appliances. But a simple search on Amazon will give you the title of this fryer. The brand has mostly made a name for itself with this fryer. It is one of those rare models having a stainless steel design, and almost 85 % of the reviews in amazon look positive.

Whereas most air fryers have preset, this air fryer allows you to have your own cooking experience where crispy french fries do not even scratch the surface of the instructions. The fire is also able to cook bacon, root vegetables, cakes, desserts, and a lot more. It allows you to fiddle with the temperature and the time knobs to fit within your cooking style.


  • A beautiful stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean
  • Free 2 years warranty along with the purchase


  • It is less reliable than other leading brands

3. Instant Vortex Plus

The instant pot is the single largest cooking brand in the last two decades. We are willing to take a bet with this product. The fryer has the ability of speedy cooking and performs multiple functions simultaneously. Opting out of the traditional design, this air fryer takes the shape of the toaster oven. The heating element in the appliance quickly blows air from all the directions very effectively, such that the need for oil is reduced by 95%. The three huge trays inside the fryer allow the food to spread evenly so that the snacks can be fried evenly and be crispy. You can also bake and broil vegetables with the instant pot.  

This has something which no other product of this class has, a rotisserie basket just takes the trays out and put in a rotating cage if you in a mood for roasting a whole chicken, toss its wings or if you are willing to make golden brown fries without pausing over and over to flip it. This not only reduces your work to a minimal but heat on all sides will reduce the cooking time almost by 20 % as claimed by the company. Lastly, of course, there is this large touch screen. 

The LED displays quite a lot of information and allows you to select multiple cooking times and temperatures. The product also gives you seven preset cooking programs to choose from according to the cooking style and recipe.


  • The product replaces multiple appliances into one.
  • It has a considerable capacity, given its price.
  • You can just keep the food or rotate it


  • The product has very few reviews on the internet.


4. Ninja OP301

This is one of those products that released in the fall of 2018 with the tag line “the pressure cooker that crisps” But it can do so much more. The makers of ninja foodie keeping in mind the precision they have created separate compartments for pressure cooking and air frying. 

The crisping technology used in the appliance works like magic, giving you several options with the food. The top compartment allows you to bake, broil, roast, and yes, obviously air fry the vegetables or snacks. While the compartment below does the pressure cooking, tendering, and sorting. For all the juicier parts of the meal if you are in the mood for making dips, soups or gravy.

Although they can be used at the same time, it is still an excellent feeling to have all these functionalities in a single appliance. As we have guessed this product holding the two compartments is not the compact air fryer in the whole world. This is a big power air fryer that is awkwardly shaped and slightly on the heavy side. So if you have a studio apartment in Manhattan, you might want to look for smaller appliances.


  • It gives you two functions of pressure cooking and air frying in one.
  • It has a large food basket.
  • Top-class safety features are installed.


  • It is huge, heavy, and takes up a lot of your kitchen space.


5. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Air Fryer

This toaster is not for the light-hearted. If you live in a big house and if you have a big family, definitely this is the fryer for you. Whether there are four pounds of fries or a full chicken, the fryer can handle it all. ITs humongous 16-inch baking tray allows the heat to circulate throughout the food and bake it that stirring and flopping is not needed. 

It has a substantial stainless steel exterior, which makes it a perfect addition and resists the aesthetics of your stainless steel kitchen. This product, while buying, also throws in quite a few freebies to make the purchase more valuable and to strike off more kitchen necessities from your list. They include a five-piece knife set, a fancy bamboo cutting board, and a set of forks and spoons.


  • It is 2 in 1 space-saving.
  • It is one of the largest air purifiers that we have tested.
  • The entire stainless steel exterior body which makes it perfect for daily use.


  • It is not needed if you have a small family and if you do not require the toaster oven functionality.



The large LED screens along with touch screens can even light up the 70’s kitchen, and nowadays, you don’t also have to pay a premium price to get yourself one of these babies. The gowise XL 5.8 purifier has all of these. That too for a jaw-dropping low price of just 70 $. No matter what you want to do, be it frying or baking or grilling, and all kinds of roasting possible, this fryer can handle it all. 

It features a built-in eight programs for the fries, pork, chicken, steak, cake, fish, and pizza; basically, anything you need to fry or cook this fryer can handle with ease. IF you think your ingredients need to be shaken or stirred, the device will warn you in intervals of 10 or 15 minutes. If you feel the need to change temperature, just use those dials on the top to make the changes even while cooking.


  • A lot of preset cooking options for various kind of foods
  • A vast capacity given its overall size.
  • Product is always on sale and comes with a recipe book


  • The temperature and the interface can be a bit confusing for the grannies, and the non-stick cookware needs to be cleaned carefully.


7. Secura Air Fryer

This is one of those rare fryers which houses an in-house barbecue rack and tongs for easy indoor grilling. The power rating is 1500 watts, so we can say it is a powerhouse. It has gathered some of the best reviews in the online market while we have compared it to others on the list. Having a decent size of 3.4 quarts, this basket can hold more than a fair amount of all the appetizers and fries for your quick bite. You can make shish kebabs as well as main course meals like falafel, and we can fry more than three patties at once. The instruction manual also says it is capable of making a five-pound of turkey at once.


  • It offers good indoor grilling options.
  • Has preset cooking options for all your culinary tastes.
  • It has almost nil negative reviews.


  • The only drawbacks are regarding the size and complain of the body not getting hot enough.


8. Breville Smart Oven Air

The most complaining thing about air fryers is waiting for the food to be cooked. After having a hectic day at work, it would be difficult for you to come back and figure out the preset temperature settings, the knobs, and the waiting time. Well, with all of this comes the final waiting time for the food to be ready. Many appliances do not cook the food evenly.

However, the Breville appliance is entirely wonderful. It is versatile compared to an oven. You can cook a wide range of food in this fryer. Starting from bacon to cakes and even pizza. A lot of fryers are incapable of holding onto the right temperature. This fryer is exact when it comes to even heating. Thus, the food is cooked evenly throughout. In fact, it helps to reduce the cooking time by around 30%. Apart from that, the tray is vast and is capable of cooking food for around 14 people at a time.


  • Compact, but the capacity of the fryer is huge.
  • It cooks really fast.
  • It is very precise about the temperature.


  • The overall structure is quite bulky and consumes a lot of space.


9. T-Fal Air Fryer

T-fal is a reputed brand when it comes to pots and pans. However, it has been playing a fair game in the case of air fryers as well. It is a very trusted brand. Unlike other air fryers, the T-fal Air fryer is a very futuristic model. It doesn’t have a pull out drawer, but a top lid which can be opened and the basket can be dish-washed. The basket is capable of holding about 2 pounds of food easily. It comes with an inbuilt stirring paddle, which helps to stir the food. Thus, you don’t have to stir the food time and again. Just imagine! Could you expect anything better than this?

It has a transparent lid that allows you to check your food. But, if you don’t want to keep checking your food time and again, then no problem at all. It comes with a timer as well. When your food is cooked, the timer will shut it down automatically. Along with the fryer, you would get a recipe book of 38 different recipes and a measuring spoon.


  • The rotating paddle is great for stirring.
  • The top lid is transparent and helps to check the food.
  • A lot of parts are dishwasher safe.


  • It is available in only one size.


10. BLACK+DECKER Purify Air Fryer

This air fryer is great for small meals. You can squeeze in food till the last inch left in the countertop. This 2-liter fryer comes in mid-size and is great for cooking crispy snacks and regular small meals. You can easily make it toasts in this fryer. If you are fine with the flipping work, then this is a great fryer for you.

It doesn’t come with any screen. With two dials available, this is the easiest one to use. You can never be wrong while operating the fryer. It has a capacity of around 8 cups. It provides enough space for french fries, nuggets, or rolls. However, this fryer is a perfect one for cooking side dishes but not main meals. Cooking a chicken as a whole meal will not be a great idea. It is available in another white color as well. This can be a great addition to your modern kitchen.


  • Simple to operate and use
  • Easily gets heated
  • Comes with some color options


  • Does not have to preheat setting

Buying Guide

Well, if you are planning to buy any air fryer, then there are a few things that you must know before making a purchase.

Certain Points to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Fryer

Nutrition Value – It is often said that an air fryer often disturbs the nutrition value of the food. However, this is a complete myth. An air fryer helps to reduce the consumption of oil. The process of heating helps to make tasty fries easily and quickly. This would not affect the nutritional value of the food in any way.

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Is it healthy enough? Many parents keep worrying about using air fryers. They often believe that the use of air fryer is not good enough for their kids. It might be harmful. But, there is absolutely no need to worry. These air fryers are being used by people from all over the world. And there have been no reports of ill effects of using air fryers at home.


Very Easy to Use – You might be using the air fryer for the very first time. So, air fryer should be easy to use. It must be user friendly. Frying should be like a button away from you. It must also be efficient at the same time. That means the air fryer should be capable of cooking the perfect food in the least time possible. In fact, efficiency also involves the proper consumption of energy.


Easy Cleaning – Give up your worry about cleaning air fryers. This frying appliance is very easy to clean and maintain. It is common that small bits of food and other substances might just be stuck inside while cooking. However, there are air fryers that can easily be cleaned in dishwashers. Look out for such appliances as it will help to reduce your hassles.


Common Air Fryer Buying Tips

Automatic off

While you are cooking, it is quite hectic to keep checking whether the food has been cooked or not. Keeping an eye to see if it is undercooked or overcooked is a very troublesome thing to do. In fact, it is possible that the food might just end up burning. This is why the auto-off feature is very helpful. It automatically shuts off the cooking when it is done. A timer feature helps to preset the time till which the cooking shall be done, and then it would shut off automatically.


Setting the temperature

The temperature knob helps to set the temperature according to the food which needs to be prepared. For example, the temperature needed to prepare chicken is not the same temperature needed to cook fries. The temperature would range from 100 to 200 degrees.


The capacity of the Fryer

Usually, air fryers come in a range of 2 liters to 4 liters. That means the amount of food that can be held by the fryers keeps differing. IT mostly depends on the requirement of the user. If you have fewer people in your family then obviously a 2 or 3 liter would be more than enough for your requirements.


If this is your first time buying an air fryer our guide will give you a detailed review so that your hard-earned money goes in the right place. With all the brands filling up the market and thousands of models to choose from getting the right one can be a daunting task for many. Our experts have taken the best of the products from the market and spent hours using them on various products so that we come up with the best reviews you can hope for.


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