Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer For Mens in Premium Category

Do you love keeping beards? Wondering about the best beard trimmer 2021? Women of all ages love bearded men, but little do they know about the hardships these men take. It might be really difficult to find the perfect trimmer out of the top 10 best beard trimmers for men in the premium category! If you want to impress her, you need to try your level best. But with a vast range of products available in this category, it is quite severe for someone to locate the best product out there. 


Best Beard Trimmer 2021

People get confused with the number of companies and the offerings they make. You need to make sure that you understand their offers before making any purchase. The article will help you a lot to understand the high-end features of the best mens beard trimmer. 

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer For Men’s in Premium Category

When you are going to choose a particular product for your beard trimming, you need to know a few factors. You need to know about companies that have been working in this field for years. Here is a list of products for your convenience. You can buy a trimmer of your choice and start grooming yourself back at home. 

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer For Men

1. Wahl 9818 Stainless Steel Beard, Stubble & Detailing Trimmer

If you want to invest in a beautiful beard trimmer, it has to be the new Wahl 9818 trimmer. It comes with four distinctive attachments; the personal rotary trimmer, detail shaver, T blade, and Detail Trimmer. The stainless steel body gives a perfect sleek look to this product and ensures that you stay stylish even while shaving your facial hair. All kinds of facial hair can be cut and trimmed as per your requirement. The set up is done correctly. 

This is the top international brand for men’s grooming kits. This can be a highly esteemed gift for any adult men out there. The US-based company has been doing worldwide business since 1919. The self-sharpening blades are amazing. If you need to travel frequently, this can be added to your bag for sure. There is a faster charging mode available. You can charge it for 60 seconds and can use up to 3 minutes for some quick setups. Invest in this trimmer and enjoy a hassle-free shaving experience. 


  • It works on dual voltage; 110V and 220V just to ensure that you get to charge it no matter which part of the world you are traveling.
  • The lithium-ion product ensures that it charges quickly. It takes 1 hour to be charged fully and provides 4 hours of continuous duty. 
  • The blades can sharpen themselves on their own. The self-sharpening edges are a blessing for many people out there. 


  • Price, Price, and only price. With all these features, this product comes with a huge cost as well!

2. Philips Norelco Beard & Hair Trimmer Series 5100 – BT5210

Philips came with this 5100 series just to ensure that you get the most out of it. You can now shave your face and trim your head with the same gear! The blades used in this product are very skin-friendly, and no such irritation can be seen after the shaving is done. The edges are self-sharpening in nature, ensuring you are investing in the right product. Once you buy the product, you do not need any further add ons.


  • Not just your face, but your hair can be trimmed with this perfect tool! 
  • The rounded contour comb comes with this product ensures that the shaving is done safely, and at the same time, the contouring is done correctly. 
  • This product has a lift and trim technology. This ensures that the hair needed to be cut will be lifted and then trimmed. So the accidental trimming won’t take place with this particular tool. 


  • There will be a hole in your pocket if you buy this product! 

3. Remington MB4040/MB4045B Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer

The first and foremost task of a trimmer is to trim your facial hair properly. This particular product ensures a quick and clean shave. It cannot charge when the charging is going on. Once the tool is fully charged, you can use it for 120 minutes at a stretch. Nine length settings are given with three precision trimming blades. As it is a dry trimmer, it may trip if soaked in water. The lithium coated blades ensure that it can be used for a more extended period. Your skin will not face any kind of irritation. 


  • The price is quite low compared to its other competitors out there. 
  • It can be used for 2 hours in a cordless condition. 
  • The blades are titanium coated that ensures that it runs for a more extended period. 


  • The charging time is way too more; 14-16 hours at a stretch for a fully charged tool. 

4. Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer And Shaver

The one blade technology used in this tool ensures that one gets the shaving done in pretty lesser time. The blades are made with world-class steel, and that provides no irritation to your face no matter how close the shave is done. The comb works faster if clicked three times on them. The product can be used in both the wet and the dry mode. You can take it to the shower along with you, and it will not trip for sure. The product can be used with a good foam or without foam as well. The trimmer can be used with the cord as well. Without a wire, it works at a stretch of 45 minutes. 


  • The one blade trimmer ensures three types of trimming experience. The same blade can be used for trimming, shaving, and edging purposes. 
  • The skin stays comfortable with the close edge trimming. No matter how edgy the trimming is, the skin won’t feel any kind of irritation for sure. 
  • This product allows one to use it in both dry and wet mode. It can be used with foam or without foam. It can be used in the shower if you want! 


  • The product is fragile, according to some users. The replacement of blades is quite pricey for many of them. 

5. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 3 3040s Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver

This product comes with micro combs. This will ensure that with each go, more hair gets off your face. The pressure-sensitive shaving feature is added to this product. This will ensure that you can easily shave your face without any kind of fuss. The product comes with fully rechargeable NiMH batteries. Two batteries are provided with each product. It can be used to foam, water, or gel. Both the wet and dry features are on in this particular product. 


  • The pressure-sensitive shaving experience is available here. 
  • Three fantastic setting points are available for a thoroughly enjoyable shaving experience. 
  • Two NiMH batteries are available with the kit. These batteries can be rechargeable. 


  • Many users face a bad battery experience with this particular product. 

6. Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer

If you want an extremely close cutting, this is your tool. The magnetic motor trimmer with a T blade gives you a perfect and beautiful close cutting experience. An 8 feet cord that comes with the product ensures that the user can take a good grip on it. A BeauWish brush that comes along with the product ensures that your trimmer blades get cleaned easily without much fuss. 


  • The magnetic motor that comes with this particular product ensures that the product stays cool while using. 
  • It doesn’t create noise like other trimmers. It works sharply in a quiet mode. 
  • A blade brush comes along with the product, which is an additional benefit for sure. 


  • It stops abruptly for some people out there. The lock features sometimes don’t work correctly! 

7. Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom Series 3000

The blades are made with stainless steel that ensures that there will be no rust for a more extended period. The blades can be detached from the trimmer and can be cleaned with water when required. 13 attachments come with each product; 3 beard trimming guards, three hair trimming guards, a cleaning brush, a stubble guard, a steel precision trimmer, a full-size steel trimmer, and a travel storage bag will be there with the package. The lithium-ion battery will last for more than 60 minutes. 


  • This trimmer comes with Dualcut trimming blades. The blades are self-sharpening in nature and do not require any kind of beard oil on them. 
  • Thirteen attachments come with this particular product and ensure that you get an entirely shaving experience from this. 
  • The product uses a broad spectrum of power sources from 110- 240V for a problem-free and fast cutting experience. 


  • Sometimes the package doesn’t come with the accessories as promised in the pictures! 

8. Wahl All in One Rechargeable Grooming Kit 9685

When fully charged, one can use this particular product for 90 minutes at a stretch. The pro-grade trimmer blades are amazing and give a no irritation shaving experience. The foil shaver ensures that you get a clean and irritation-free shaving experience. With this one tool, you can shave your body, face, and head at the same time. For a full hygienic shave, you can opt for the nose and ear trimming options that come with the product. This product is pretty affordable for every type of user out there. 


  • The precision blades come with this product can self sharpen them and ensures long working life. 
  • An irritation-free body, face, and head-shaving experience can be achieved with this product. 
  • Nose and ear trimming can be done with the precision trimming blades that come with this product. 


  • According to some users, the product doesn’t give a proper smooth shaving experience. 

9. Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer With Precision Dial, Adjustable 19 Length Setting, Rechargeable Battery, Washable – ER-GB42-K 

Panasonic is another known company out there for their fantastic electronics tools. The raise and cut feature of this product ensure that all the flattened hairs get raised and then cut accurately without much fuss. This product offers 19 distinctive modes that ensure different types of cuts and other features. The ergonomic grip provides a good hold on the tool while trimming facial hair. On the other hand, it can be used in the shower as well. The cordless feature, along with the wet feature, ensures that you can use it anywhere at any point in time. 


  • Nineteen different settings for personalized cuttings are available with this product. 
  • The price is quite competitive with other products of this sort. 
  • It can be used in both cords and cordless when required. 


  • The product breaks down sometimes. 

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10. Philips Norelco Beard and Hair Trimmer, Series 5100 with 3 Attachments Cordless Hair Clipper and Face Groomer – No Blade Oil Needed, BT5210/42

Philips is a well-known brand in the field of electronic gadgets. So when you are buying something from the house of Philips, it has to be good enough. The stainless steel blades used here can sharpen themselves on their own. So it stays for a more extended period when compared to other trimmers. This product comes with a lithium-ion battery that runs for 70 minutes when fully charged. It will take around 1 hour to be charged fully. It can be washed thoroughly and adequately. It can be cleaned without the chance of tripping. 


  • With a built-in zoom wheel that ensures a minimum of 17 setting points for your trimmer. 
  • A vast range of trimming can be done from an epic 0.4 mm to 13 mm length.
  • The blades are of optimum quality and cannot cause any kind of irritation to your skin during and after the shaving is done. 


  • It is only suitable for short beards, according to some users. 

Buying Guide

When you have planned to keep a beard, you need to take good care of it. Lots of essential tools and creams are required to keep the beard in the right place and right shape. Though lots of questions are there that you might ask, here we present a handful of crucial points you should consider while choosing the trimmer. Here are a few of the most asked questions and guidelines for the buyers. 

Some Common Guidelines To Follow

  • Trimming with a corded trimmer: Trimmers can be cordless and corded at the same time. Suppose you need to go out on a work trip and have to set your beard before that. Suddenly you found that the trimmer is out of charge. Now, if you have a model that runs while charging, you are saved. So make sure that you invest in a product that works well while the charging is on. 


  • Highest precision acquired: The thing you are buying is a trimmer and not a clean shave kit. So you cannot get a fully shaved face anyhow. The highest precision acquired in a trimmer is 0.5 mm. You need to set the blade in the right position and lock them. Set your trimmer with different settings for your mustache and your beard. You can set the same precision in both cases as well. Try to place the protective guard on. 


  • Charging period: Suppose you need to give a presentation in your office. Now in the morning, you found your trimmer is out of charge. If your trimmer takes around 5-6 hours to get fully charged, you are doomed! You have to go to the office in that unshaved condition. So you better need to go for a trimmer that gets charged within a few hours, maybe an hour or so. This will ensure that you attend the meeting in a presentable condition. 


  • Sharp blades: When you are investing in a trimmer, the closest thing that touches your skin is the blades. If the blade is not made with a proper metal, a high risk of infection persists. The best trimmer comes with blades that are made of stainless steel. This provides extra care and protection to your skin. The best blades come with a round trip, and the coms used here are non-scratchy. 

Some blades can sharpen themselves on their own. The price of such products would be on the higher side, but you can invest in them. Some blades are made with Titanium. This will ensure that the blade can be used for a more extended period. 

  • Long runtime: Some people require precision. When you need a precise trimming, you have to trim for a more extended time. So opt for a trimmer that at least works for 45- 60 minutes after you charge them fully. If not, you may have to charge them in between your shaving sessions. And let me tell you, this is not a good feeling for sure. Such trimmers are pricey. You just need to be sure that you are buying the right product at the right price. 


  • Wet or dry mode: Suppose you own a trimmer that works only on the dry method. Now you have taken it to the shower along with you, what happens next? The trimmer will trip for sure. But most of the time, men try a trimmer; they are late for office. They do not have enough time to trim their stubble out of the bathroom and then go in have a shower! So when you are pouring your hard-earned money on a product like this, you need to ensure that you choose a trimmer that works perfectly in both modes. 


  • With foam or without, Some people cannot shave without a foam. Older people have cut their faces with ordinary shaving kits. So they have compatibility issues with trimmers in the first place. Now, if you ask them to trim their facial hair without using a cream or foam, they will say no. So, if you are comfortable cutting your facial hair with foam or cream, opt for that. Opt for a product that allows you to apply the foam on your face and then trim your facial hair as per your requirement. 


When you are out there investing into one of the top 10 best beard trimmers for men in the Premium Category, specific questions arise in your mind. Make sure you choose the correct product to tame your beard. With a list like this, we hope that you get what you are looking for. All the buying links of these products are available along with their names. You can go to the website and check the merchandise on your own. Note down the products you want to acquire and buy that from the given link. Have a happy bearded face! 


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